Small and Mighty


Seventeen Residence, Petaling Jaya

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Seventeen Residence, Petaling Jaya

Small and Mighty

A classic case of design challenges in our city; the emergence of urbanisation and megacities with compact living models. But that wouldn’t stop our clients Vincent and Amanda from living their lives to the fullest. We took on the challenge to create a living space perfect for two to the occasional extra company for this couple with a small 773 square feet unit.

While an interior stays true to its homeowner’s characteristics, it begs for room to store the daily essentials. We promised that Vincent and Amanda wouldn’t have to compromise practicality by designing areas which could be configured to suit their interest.

The team planned for a custom-built storage space to store fundamental objects with a mirror as its facade, along with additional storage built into their dining bench. A small (and unnoticed), but mighty touch, we believe. The dining area is cleverly attached to the living room TV cabinet to make space for Amanda’s personal kitchen island. Not a storage room in sight? Not a problem. This intimate unit unravels all the surprises one at a time.


这个项目绝对是一个挑战现代城市设计实践的经典案例——必须一并满足都市化需求和应付大城市紧凑型生活模式。因此,我们为 Vincent 和 Amanda 打造了一个最充实的生活空间,让他们可在这773平方英尺的小单位里享受着二人世界的同时,也可舒适地接待亲友的到访。

项目设计方案兼顾主人对室内设计风格的要求与空间本身的实用性,这让Vincent 和 Amanda无须因追求理想居家生活之际,而牺牲室内空间的实际用途。